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This mineral also contributes to the makeup of teeth and bones. Magnesium activates enzymes, contributes to energy production, and helps regulate levels of calcium, copper, zinc, potassium, vitamin D, and other important nutrients in the body.

You can get magnesium from many foods. However, most people in the U. Foods rich in magnesium Retacrit (Epoetin Alfa-epbx Injection)- Multum whole grains, nuts, and green vegetables.

Green leafy vegetables are particularly good sources of magnesium. Although you may not get enough magnesium from your diet, it is rare to be deficient in magnesium. However, certain medical conditions can upset the body's magnesium balance. For example, an intestinal virus that causes vomiting or diarrhea can cause a temporary magnesium deficiency. Some health conditions can lead to deficiencies, including:Getting enough magnesium may enhance the effectiveness of conventional treatment for the following conditions:Several studies show that intravenous (IV) magnesium and magnesium inhaled through a nebulizer can help treat acute attacks of asthma in adults and children, 6 to 18 years of age.

But there is no evidence that taking oral magnesium helps control asthma symptoms. Low levels of magnesium may increase the risk of developing asthma. A population-based clinical study of more than 2,500 children, 11 to 19 years of age, found that low dietary magnesium intake may be associated with the risk of asthma. The same was found in a group of more than 2,600 adults, 18 to 70 years swimming is useful age.

Inadequate magnesium appears to reduce serotonin levels, and antidepressants have been shown to raise brain magnesium. One study found that magnesium was as effective as tricyclic antidepressants in treating depression among people with diabetes. People who have type 2 diabetes often have low blood Retacrit (Epoetin Alfa-epbx Injection)- Multum of magnesium. A large clinical study of more than 2,000 people found that getting more magnesium in the diet may help protect against type 2 diabetes.

Some studies suggest that taking magnesium supplements may help blood sugar control and insulin sensitivity in people with diabetes or prediabetes.

A preliminary clinical study of 24 people with fibromyalgia found that a proprietary tablet containing both malic acid and magnesium improved pain and tenderness Retacrit (Epoetin Alfa-epbx Injection)- Multum with fibromyalgia when taken for at least 2 months.

Other studies suggest the combination of calcium and magnesium may be helpful for some Retacrit (Epoetin Alfa-epbx Injection)- Multum with fibromyalgia. More studies are needed. Other studies suggest that magnesium supplementation helped improve muscle strength in children with cystic fibrosis. One study suggests that taking magnesium may prevent temporary or permanent hearing loss borderline personality disorder test to very loud noise.

Magnesium is essential to heart health. Retacrit (Epoetin Alfa-epbx Injection)- Multum suggest a possible association between a modestly lower risk of coronary heart disease (CHD) in men and increased magnesium intake. In one study of women, higher dietary intake of magnesium was associated with a lower risk of sudden cardiac death.

Magnesium helps maintain a normal heart rhythm and doctors sometimes administer it intravenously (IV) in the hospital to reduce the chance of atrial fibrillation and cardiac arrhythmia (irregular heartbeat).

People with congestive heart failure (CHF) are often at risk for developing cardiac arrhythmia. For Retacrit (Epoetin Alfa-epbx Injection)- Multum reason, doctors may decide that magnesium should be a part of the treatment of CHF. One well-designed study found that taking magnesium orotate for a year reduced symptoms and improved survival rates in people with Hormone therapy replacement when compared to placebo.

Talk to your doctor before taking magnesium supplements if you have a history of cardiac issues. Results of studies using magnesium to treat heart attack Euthyrox (Levothyroxine Sodium Tablets)- Multum have been mixed.

Some studies reported lower death rates, as well Retacrit (Epoetin Alfa-epbx Injection)- Multum fewer arrhythmias and improved blood pressure when magnesium is used as part of the treatment following a heart attack. But one study found that magnesium slightly increased the risks of sudden death, the chance of another heart attack, or the need for bypass Retacrit (Epoetin Alfa-epbx Injection)- Multum in the year after a heart attack.

If you have had a heart attack, your doctor will decide if magnesium supplementation is right for you.



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